Hello and Welcome

Hi, my name is Koinos and I am part Thai. I am an aspiring computer programmer, and I wanted to learn more about the impact of the internet in Thailand. My parents are from there, and perhaps I will move there when I am finished with college.

The Internet is a very important thing. The Internet is something that is very transformational for many different people. It is something that allows people to connect with people all over the world and even with people who are just a few streets over. The Internet is one of the most important economic advancements as well as technological and the last 50 years. It is something that has created many industries that has transformed the economy of many different countries. With the Internet you have new opportunities to earn money, to create and to be connected with other people. When countries get the Internet they change their lives and they changed the world. It creates a new place for technological and artistic creators to allow their creation and their creative minds to wander and to produce the next great thing.

The impact of Internet in a country like Thailand has been amazing. More so than just a vacation country Western people looking for great time, the industrial and infrastructural technology advancements in Thailand has also made it a very strong place for business. Cities such as Chaing Mai have become very popular with the business traveling entrepreneur. Many people from Western countries labeling themselves as digital nomads have come to the city within Thailand because of the strong technological infrastructure including its very fast Internet and friendly people. It is a city that is very economically strong and not just a regional vacation spot for natives of the country. It is now a place that the world comes to do business, that the world comes to take part in digital entrepreneurship, a place that is becoming more popular across the world.

The impact of Internet and Thailand has been great for the country it is help create a lot of new businesses, it has made it a much better place to travel, it has created jobs and opportunities not just for travelers but for people within the country.

The Internet has become the new fishing pole of the world, the old sayings of teaching a man to fish and give them a fishing pole and he can feed himself for lifetime, when you give a country powerful intranet and you spark entrepreneurship, you give the country and means to create economically for themselves and to advance themselves for decades to come. So the Internet being the most powerful tool that we have in our world today as a means to connect, to create, to learn, and to collectively transform technologically and social logically, the impact in this country has been tremendous. It has been a source that has improved the level of education, well-being, opportunity, entrepreneurship, hospitality businesses and everything in between for this country. Give a man the Internet and you give him unlimited possibilities. And will continue to have a very big influence for years to go. Even more will be expected from this country because of the strong technological infrastructure and how that has proven itself to be quite powerful now and how it will become even more powerful in the future. As more areas get stronger Internet, you see even more technological and Internet-based entrepreneurship being taken place with in all different areas of this country.